Revenants Reach Video Game

Revenants Reach

Unleash the Revenant's Wrath

In the aftermath of a treacherous rebellion, Phaedon of Arsica is imprisoned and left for dead. Freed by a twist of fate, he now hunts down those who betrayed him and his homeland.

Revenants Reach Video Game

Dimension-Bending Traversal

Every Stage in Revenant’s Reach is a complete 3D environment, wrapped in a planar movement spline that allows the player to navigate each stage with a higher level of immersion than a normal 2D platformer.

Energetic Combat

Master the Crescata Arts to take down foes with lethal grace. Dash, deflect, retaliate, and eviscerate those who stand in your way.

Revenants Reach Video Game
Revenants Reach Video Game

Grapple Mechanics

Tether, swing and slingstrike your way to vengeance with a grappler mechanic that is both thrilling and responsive. 

Brutal Boss Fights

Time is running out. Only you can defeat those who betrayed Arsica. Stop them before they complete their misbegotten quest to reclaim an ancient power source.

Revenants Reach Video Game
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